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1.  Our goal is to help you Connect with More Customers & Generate More Revenue! If you are a new or an established business with a quality product or service, we'd LOVE to have you as part of our network. 

2.  Through using Loycal, our members increase cashflow/preserve their hard earned dollars -- get access to business and personal services WITHOUT SPENDING YOUR CASH - including web design, graphic design, SEO, hotels nationwide (and some internationally), restaurants, health services... and much more - see all that's available on our marketplace* accessing all these services without spending any cash.

* not all member services are listed on the marketplace. Contact Us to find out if we have the services or products you need

3.  We are a B2B "matchmaking service" and a Local MarketPlace where you can list your products or services, the same way you'd list on Amazon, or other selling platforms; except our platform is LOCAL & Cashless! You pay with what you earn from your sales - our system keeps track of your sales, then you can use your Loycal income to pay for your purchases.

4We provide our members an interest-free (0%) $500 to $5000 line of credit, and  NO time-limit on when you pay it back.  We'll connect you with buyers, and you'll pay back what you owe with your services or products.

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